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Hire a Killer

Kill for 100,000 dollars. Ulyanovsk order killer to eliminate competitor
This crime story has been going on for almost ten years. And on it you can shoot a good detective series. Although the topic is as old as the world: when there are no brains for peaceful victories, force and weapons come into play.

So, the other day, the prosecutor’s office of the Ulyanovsk region approved the indictment against a local resident. It was he who organized the encroachment on the life of the chairman of the regional branch of the All-Russian Public Organization “All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress”.

And the story itself began in the fall of 2009. Then Iskander Huseynov, a resident of Ulyanovsk, decided to regain the segment of the regional market for the wholesale distribution of vegetable products. And Samit Mardanov wanted to free himself from paying a large debt. Thirst for profit and unwillingness to part with money united men. They found a killer to eliminate a competitor and a lender, which turned out to be one person – the chairman of the Ulyanovsk regional branch of the All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress public organization.

The customers found the candidate suitable for the murder quickly: a resident of Izhevsk, Hasan Dagayev, who had previously been convicted of robbery, came to the role. He organized a gang, they promised to pay $ 100,000 for the work.

Preparing for the murder was carried out long and carefully. The difficulty arose in the fact that the businessman, in respect of whom the “order” was received, moved exclusively accompanied by his bodyguards and changed routes, the gangsters studied the places and times of the most likely appearance of the potential victim for three months.

On the evening of October 14, 2009, the killer hid his weapon in a bouquet of flowers and took up a position near the entrepreneur’s house on 2nd Lane Mira. Having received the team of Dagayev for physical elimination, the direct performer, having seen the car and a man and a woman who had left it, shot them from a pistol with a silencer.

But the victims survived. Rescued their operational medical care metropolitan specialists. Moreover, due to an oversight of the coordinator, an error occurred in the facility, and an employee of Ulyanovsk customs and his wife received gunshot wounds.

Having learned about the failure to fulfill the task, Dagayev continued to monitor the places of work, residence and rest of the businessman – a potential victim. At the same time, when moving under the guise of a married couple, he used his acquaintance to disguise – a resident of the Tver region, who was subsequently ordered to be eliminated. However, the members of the organized criminal group, who were charged with the liquidation of the witness, took her to the Udmurt Republic, after which they killed the taxi driver, whose burial place was presented as the victim’s grave.

Soon, in spite of all the attempts of the aforementioned persons to evade responsibility, they were installed, detained and exposed in the deed.