Prices and Payment

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An example of a video report of a demonstrative execution. The killer is working, the partner is secretly filming a video from the crowd.


Prices and Payment

We have a fixed average price for each service.
These fixed prices apply to ordinary citizens of any country who live a normal life, move on foot, by public transport or by car and do not have armed guards and escorts.

If your victim has a guard, carries a personal weapon with him, or is some publicly known person, the price may increase.

We have no moral restrictions for women, children and the elderly. We kill everyone.


1) Simple murder with a knife or pistol on the principle of “hit and run / shoot and run” = $ 35,000

2) Murder with compulsory imitation of robbery = $ 50,000

3) Poisoning with primitive poison (detected by examination) = $ 50,000

4) Poisoning poison which cannot be detected by forensic examination = $ 100,000

5) Kidnapping of a person followed by murder and disposal of the body = $ 300,000

6) Accident = individually

7) The above measures in relation to publicly known or protected individuals = individually


We do carry out murder orders and do this by taking anonymous orders over the Internet. Because with this, we do not work on the principle of an advance 50/50.

We work only on 100% prepayment.

Payment is made using Bitcoin anonymous cryptocurrency.
If you do not know how to use it, we are ready to instruct you on how to buy Bitcoin to pay for our services.

Before contacting us, you must accept our terms. They will never change and there is no way to hire our hired killers to kill a person before you pay 100% of the cost of the order.

How to pay with Bitcoin | Link:

Easy Bitcoin payment

On how to ensure your anonymity when placing an order, read the corresponding section of our website.

hire a killer rent a killer
hire a killer rent a killer