Order a kill right now! Instruction:
We work all over the world! You don’t need to specify it!

We have people in all major countries, and we also have mafia affiliates in all small regions of the world. There is no place where we cannot do the work.

An example of a video report of “shot and run”, simple kills, kidnapping.

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Video published with the permission of the customers:

Partner work. Simple kills around the world can be performed with the help of our regional partners.

Partner work. Simple kills around the world can be performed with the help of our regional partners.

To deal. Dozens of people write to us every day. 99% of the email and messenger messages that we receive are spam from people who are not even able to read our terms and conditions and the list of services. We are forced to ignore this spam. It makes no sense to waste time on correspondence with people who do not want to order anything or do not agree with our terms.

Therefore, we opened this section “quick service”.

1) Choose a service at a fixed cost.

2) Pay for it using this bitcoin account (it is listed below)

3) Write a letter to our email with the heading “I paid for the service.” In this email, specify the date and time of payment for the bitcoin transaction. As well as all the introductory information about the order and the victim.

After that, we will immediately respond and your personal support for this order will contact you.

Even if you send us data about the victim after payment and never write anything again, we will complete the order exactly according to the instructions from the task paid for by the price tag. The list of services is below.

The paid order is taken into work immediately, carried out exactly according to the wishes and in the shortest possible time.




Check out our standard instructions and list of services:

Prices and Payment

We have a fixed average price for each service.
These fixed prices apply to ordinary citizens of any country who live a
normal life, move on foot, by public transport or by car and do not have
armed guards and escorts.

If your victim has a guard, carries a personal weapon with him, or is some
publicly known person, the price may increase.

We have no moral restrictions for women, children and the elderly. We kill


1) Simple murder with a knife or pistol on the principle of «hit and run /
shoot and run» = $ 35,000

2) Murder with compulsory imitation of robbery = $ 50,000

3) Poisoning with primitive poison (detected by examination) = $ 50,000

4) Poisoning poison which cannot be detected by forensic examination = $

5) Kidnapping of a person followed by murder and disposal of the body = $

6) Accident = individually

7) The above measures in relation to publicly known or protected
individuals = individually


We do carry out murder orders and do this by taking anonymous orders over
the Internet. Because with this, we do not work on the principle of an
advance 50/50.

We work only on 100% prepayment.

Payment is made using Bitcoin anonymous cryptocurrency.
If you do not know how to use it, we are ready to instruct you on how to
buy Bitcoin to pay for our services.

Before contacting us, you must accept our terms. They will never change
and there is no way to hire our hired killers to kill a person before you
pay 100% of the cost of the order.


1) Country and City of the order.

2) Gender, age, approximate height and weight of the victim, body build. (Photos)

3) Social status. What it is, where and by whom it works, whether it has a business. Is a publicly known person.

4) Is there security or permanent escort?

5) Moving on foot or by car?

6) Live in a high-rise apartment building or in the private sector? Territory protected or not? Is the territory fenced or not? If a high-rise building, is there a concierge?

7) What exactly do you want to order. Shooting with the character of intimidation (street, without silencers, automatic weapons), or a quiet shot at the skull at an entrance, for example, from a pistol with a silencer. Slaughter in the usual way or with the game on the video surveillance cameras working out the dramatization of the robbery. Abduction with the disposal of the corpse. Want to consider the option of food poisoning or transdermal poisoning method.

8) Confirm that you understand and accept our conditions and you will not be able to replay anything in the course of communication.

9) What city are you in? You need to know this. In order to advise you on making payments in Bitcoin, you must purchase it at our account in the online exchanger, for example, for fiat money.

In order to pay our services or goods you need to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
We are criminal service and do not accept payment in other ways such as credit cards, Paypal, bank accounts, etc.
Only cryptocurrencies Bitcoin.

First you will need to register on one of the cryptocurrency exchangers and buy bitcoin in any way convenient for you, such as paying the credit card. After that, Bitcoin will be credited to your account balance on the exchange exchange. From there you can send Bitcoin to our wallet transaction. 

Please note that the Commission for the exchange of money on Bitcoin on the stock exchange you pay. Thus, you will need an average of + 700-800 $/€ more than the order amount to pay for it.
Example, taking into account the exchange of Bitcoin, to buy a service at $/€ 35.000, you will need $/€ 35,700 +/-

But two different exchanges with private exchange proposals, everything is individually, all private exchangers have their own commissions, limits, payment options and conditions. Exchanges can be contacted by different ways to quickly communicate and discuss the conditions. You can filter out the search for the country, the city, the city, the payment method and the desired cryptocurrency. From the list of private suggestions, try to choose exchangers with a well-established reputation. Before you pay for the purchase of cryptocurrency, any exchanger enrolls it on the balance of the exchange in the Holder freeze deposit. The exchange performs an intermediary function. In some cases, it is possible to agree on other terms of exchange individually.

Check with specific exchangers in more detail.

If you really need our services, you can easily deal with this simple payment process. Other options besides the payment of cryptocurrency, we do not accept.