Easy Bitcoin payment

Payment Instructions.
To accept payment, we use bitcoin. It is completely not complicated and quite anonymous.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, which you can buy in any city in any country. You do not need to register a wallet and learn how to use bitcoin. All you have to do is make an exchange of fiat money (or PayPal / or other options) for bitcoin on the international exchange

Check with specific exchangers in more detail.
1) https://localcryptos.com
2) https://agoradesk.com

3) https://localbitcoins.com

To find exchangers in your city, you can simply write the phrase in google search:

Buy bitcoin in the city “your country / city”

As a rule, already on the first lines in Google will be shown a link to the desired section of the Localbitcoins.com website which will list all exchangers in your city. Contact them through the contacts and they will offer you all the available options for buying bitcoin from them, for example, cash purchase or Paypal. We will give you our payment details, which you will need to indicate in the exchanger, Bitcoin will be credited to it.



Therefore, never rewrite it manually, it does not tolerate errors in writing. Just copy and paste it into the exchanger.
Note that exchangers charge a fee for this service, you pay it at your own expense. So, for example, to exchange $ 35,000 for Bitcoin, you will have to pay the exchanger about $ 35,700 +/- so that at least $ 35,000 is credited to Bitcoin.

In the lists of available exchangers on Localbitcoins.com, give priority to exchangers with a large number of successful transactions and a high rating.

Never tell anyone for what purpose you are buying Bitcoin. No one asks questions about this, but you can always say what you buy for yourself.

You will learn about successful enrollment through the transaction link. A transaction with 1 confirmation or more is considered successful.

You do not have to understand how it works, just follow the instructions. This guide is written for your understanding of the payment method. We will always help you find the best Localbitcoins exchanger in your area.

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