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An example of a video report of a demonstrative execution. The killer is working, the partner is secretly filming a video from the crowd.

An example of a video report of “shot and run”, simple kills, kidnapping.

Video published with the permission of the customers:

Partner work. Simple kills around the world can be performed with the help of our regional partners.

Partner work. Simple kills around the world can be performed with the help of our regional partners.


The Russian mafia is an international syndicate with a branch in every major city in the world.

We have a wide and extensive network of criminal interests around the world, ranging from Tttt and arms trafficking to contract killings, kidnapping and many others.

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Most of our capabilities are incompatible with the Internet, but the arms trade and assassinations are well integrated into the Internet. In the world there are thousands of people who want to get rid of their enemies, competitors and other people they do not need.

We want to monopolize our criminal right to execute such orders for money and we do a lot for this. Our murderers are professionals, they are trained not only in murder methods, but also in foreign languages, in particular English.

They are trained by the method of concealing the traces of crimes, by the method of avoiding prosecution, they are legally instructed and act under the control and patronage of the syndicate.

None of our killers know who the killing customer is, and thanks to the anonymous internet, we even do not know this, those who accept the order and give it to the killers for execution.

This is a reliable and safe work scheme. Thus, we get hundreds of customers from the Internet around the world, expanding its influence and weight in the world.

The largest branches of our organized criminal network are located in the USA, the UK and Canada. There are offices in all countries of Asia and India. And the highest level professionals are ready to fly to the desired region from Moscow, New York and London.This is practiced when a specialist of the required level is not in the city where high-class work is to be performed.

Branches are less located in Europe and Asia. About Russia, and so it is clear that it is all ours. We are Russian, to bring destruction and death is our vocation. We kill resolutely, cruelly and in cold blood.

Make us your weapon, hire our killers and your enemies will choke with their blood, they will be poisoned or stolen, and their corpses will be burned in rubber car tires along with bones. They will not find!

We do not tolerate competition and do not recognize other criminal diasporas, we kill and cut Mexican cartels, bury the Italian mafia in the ground, cut off the heads of the triads and yakudza. We are world-class criminals – we kill everyone!



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Chechen Mob and Russian Mafia – The Biggest Supplier Of Contract Killers

The Chechen Mob has a website on deep web, where customers can order killing online and killers can take orders.

We are not talking about sites like hire-a-killer .com that are fake or jokes, we are talking about real hitmen for hire that are paid through bitcoin

Such a website can be accessed with the Tor at

We are not promoting this website our purpose it to expose it so that police can shut it down

Russian Mafia is becoming more prone to causing damage to the law and order with its uncontrolled criminal activities. The government and police are also not responding to their activities which have made them even more fearless and potent. Almost every day, it accounts for several numbers of murders and other criminal activities. Their motto is to increase the pressure on the government with the aid of media and social campaigns which will result in the complete demolition of this network.

Dangerous bald gangster man with beard holding gun. Wearing black leather jacket. Dark cloudy sky.

The Russian Mafia through its website on the deep web is acting as a bridge between the customers and contract killers making everything completely hidden and away from the eyes of the police and authorities. Even in the USA, the group is responsible for a large number of contract killings and beatings that have happened over the course of past few years. It has made it so very easy and secretive for anyone to Hire a Contract Killer, there is no more tension regarding the meetings with the killers or other such facets.

Both the customers and killers are almost unaware of each other meaning that they cannot blackmail each other in the future. In addition to this, they plan it in a very shrewd manner and ask the customers to be outstation during the day of the killing which will keep them out from the list of suspects. The payment system is also very safe and hidden that makes it easy for the customers to pay the hitman without getting caught. Here are the details about how one can hire the hitman from the Russian Mafia :

You register on the Crime Bay marketplace without providing any real details
You place an order with the name and details of the person whom you want to get killed
You get funds ready as bitcoin and keep it in your account in full control
The killer does the job as per your specification
You send the funds to the hitman, after you received proof that the person is dead
The hitman doesn’t know who you are, you never meet him, and the payment can’t be traced
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I would like to tell you how to choose the right knife to wear for every day to protect yourself, your beloved. (Yes, yes, a crime, but in extreme situations – any method is good)

To begin with, let’s fold the fixes (fixed knives) due to their inconvenience in stealth (although there are people who walk with Cold Steel Recon Tanto) and large size.

First, let’s figure out which categories the knives are divided into by type of opening:
-Manual – Opening by hand / two hands of the knife, for quick opening you will need to ** t to open it
-Automatic – opening by button / lever / td
-Spring Assists are the same as manual ones, but with a faster opening and regardless of skill they open with one hand. Can be opened with a spine flipper (“fin” on top of the handle, on which you need to push)
-OTF – button / lever, unlike all others, they have a feature – the blade is thrown straight forward, and does not unfold
-Balisongs – butterflies

I must say right away that we will immediately discard from this list:
OTF – there is no OTF with an anatomical handle or guard, which is actually a huge minus, because when hitting, the hand will slip 90% onto the blade and it will be very bad
Balisongs – until you open them, you will lose all the organs, but there are balisongs with an anatomical handle, which is actually good.

The most needed in a knife for this application:
Anatomical handle – not just a straight handle, but sealed under the arm, which actually adds comfort and reduces the chance of hand slipping onto the blade
Good grip coverage – not steel grip but coated with G10 or other coating
The sharp end of the blade – in no case is the blade not Sheepfoot or similar in end, it will greatly worsen piercing blows.

What to take for yourself, spring, automatic or manual is your business and everything else is selected according to likenesses.
in the event of a duel between a trained fighter with the proper moral and strong-willed qualities and an amateur that the “barrel” or the “feather” with a probability of slightly less than 100% will be in the hands of the enemy in a matter of seconds. and not technology is the main thing here, as many think – namely, moral strong-willed qualities. if you have never cut / shot anyone, then there is zero sense from a knife or a barrel, except for the psychological impact on the same amateur.

the second minus of gun ownership is a false sense of security. for example, if without it you reasonably use such a tactic as retreat, with it you can take a fight that will certainly lead to defeat.
Why suddenly there is a stopper on all knives. The knife can be with a comfortable anatomical handle, a sharp, wide, massive blade, but not have a stopper.
This is a tourist’s knife. The tourist’s knife and the hunter’s knife differ as well as the responsibility for carrying them. Tourist can be worn freely, for wearing a hunting without
ticket hunt administrative responsibility and withdrawal. The bloodstream or dale is designed to reinforce the blade to break, and not for lightness.
When I write to work with a brush, I mean that they don’t wave a knife like a Cossack saber. Namely, they cut with the effort of a brush, as a butcher cuts when cutting a carcass.
The value of the knife is that it can always be carried with you, the responsibility for carrying is either administrative, or not (if there is a hunting ticket). Knife
the product is reusable, it will not run out of cartridges like, for example, a trauma.

I have been carrying a knife all my life, from the eighth grade and had experience in using it (it would be better if I had not ..)
First of all, I want to say that there is no point in buying an expensive knife for daily use (not for combat), you will still throw it away after use, and you will not open bottles with an expensive knife, unscrew the bolts, etc.
I once bought a benchmade torrent for 15tr and as a result it lies in the closet, I take it out for a chat, very fun, very nice, but is it worth it? Believe me, you will have exactly the same.
At the moment I go with a spyderco paramilitary 2, and even then, only because my girlfriend gave it to me. I bought several of his Chinese replicas for 1500-2000tr to work out the throw, with full confidence I can say that for everyday needs they are no worse than the original and even better than him, because they do not mind.
Regarding locks: Frame Lock, Liner Lock is your choice, the simplest, most convenient and most reliable.
Cool latches like the axis lock are very sensitive to dirt and you just don’t need them, butterflies and flip-out ones too.

When inspecting Kamans, PPSNIKs will ask for certificates only if it is some kind of spyderco civilian, and even if you are on a collective farm and they measure it in the palm of your hand, then politely, tactfully mention the signs of a h.o. After that, the knife is looked at for the presence of earth / blood on it, etc., and returned. If the policeman really liked him and he wants to wring out the knife, then ask to draw up all the papers, no one wants to do this, so they will return it. You do not need to carry the knife on any laces behind your back, this is suspicious, just wear it on a belt, in your pocket, on your pocket, the main thing so that passers-by do not see him.
Never utter the word self-defense or go straight to the department, you carry a knife as a universal tool and point, you can drive any get on from the category of “picking under the nails, stripping the wires, lying in the garage home, and so on”, but not for self-defense.

Now about practice:
About 7 years ago, for fun, I went to the KNB gatherings (this is such a get-together of my mother’s knife makers from the Slavic union), the type who, on the video post above, teaches how to wear tanto just from there, they love all reconstructed tantos there. and the height of idiocy … Approximately the same shame in fashionable sections, where 10 lessons are taught “correct grip”.
In reality, the knife cannot be shown until the strike and put it in front of you in a steep stance = make it clear to the enemy that you have a fight to the death and give him the moral right to inflict any damage, this radically changes the situation and the consequences of such a scuffle. He will immediately get his own. a weapon (if he has one), take a stone, a brick, wrap a shirt around his hand, take out a pepper, etc. You won’t get off a couple of bruises, after which in 90% of cases you will be handed over to the police, your next knife will be sharpening in the zone. …
You don’t need to get a knife at all if the situation is different from kill-die. Immediately throw out the colorful pirouettes with cinematic chopping blows from the head, this requires at least practicing the setting of the striking edge and most likely after this blow the knife will be knocked out or grabbed by the hand. You need to hit with your free hand and deliver multiple stabbing blows. A knife fight is the worst thing that can happen to you and the likelihood of getting out of it whole is practically zero.
The knife goes well with a gas can in your free hand, but a can requires some skill and can be different. Jet or gel is easy to use, but with an aerosol one you need to take into account a number of factors.
Well, the tactic itself: you use a balloon (not all balloons are powerful enough for this), you run from the enemy for 4 seconds breaking the distance, fold the knife, put it in your pocket and leave / run away. The tactic is checked, I recommend it)))
On my own I advise the aerosol torch-2 for 75ml, it brings down even champions. It can be used almost punishable, it is certified by the manufacturer and in my opinion is, if not the most powerful, then definitely one of them.
I recommend reading this wonderful short book on the topic of knife and knife fighting.

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