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The Russian mafia is an international syndicate with a branch in every major city in the world.

We have a wide and extensive network of criminal interests around the world, ranging from drug and arms trafficking to contract killings, kidnapping and many others.

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Most of our capabilities are incompatible with the Internet, but the arms trade and assassinations are well integrated into the Internet. In the world there are thousands of people who want to get rid of their enemies, competitors and other people they do not need.

We want to monopolize our criminal right to execute such orders for money and we do a lot for this. Our murderers are professionals, they are trained not only in murder methods, but also in foreign languages, in particular English.

They are trained by the method of concealing the traces of crimes, by the method of avoiding prosecution, they are legally instructed and act under the control and patronage of the syndicate.

None of our killers know who the killing customer is, and thanks to the anonymous internet, we even do not know this, those who accept the order and give it to the killers for execution.

This is a reliable and safe work scheme. Thus, we get hundreds of customers from the Internet around the world, expanding its influence and weight in the world.

The largest branches of our organized criminal network are located in the USA, the UK and Canada. There are offices in all countries of Asia and India. And the highest level professionals are ready to fly to the desired region from Moscow, New York and London.This is practiced when a specialist of the required level is not in the city where high-class work is to be performed.

Branches are less located in Europe and Asia. About Russia, and so it is clear that it is all ours. We are Russian, to bring destruction and death is our vocation. We kill resolutely, cruelly and in cold blood.

Make us your weapon, hire our killers and your enemies will choke with their blood, they will be poisoned or stolen, and their corpses will be burned in rubber car tires along with bones. They will not find!

We do not tolerate competition and do not recognize other criminal diasporas, we kill and cut Mexican cartels, bury the Italian mafia in the ground, cut off the heads of the triads and yakudza. We are world-class criminals — we kill everyone!



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Chechen Mob and Russian Mafia — The Biggest Supplier Of Contract Killers

The Chechen Mob has a website on deep web, where customers can order killing online and killers can take orders.

We are not talking about sites like hire-a-killer .com that are fake or jokes, we are talking about real hitmen for hire that are paid through bitcoin

Such a website can be accessed with the Tor at

We are not promoting this website our purpose it to expose it so that police can shut it down

Russian Mafia is becoming more prone to causing damage to the law and order with its uncontrolled criminal activities. The government and police are also not responding to their activities which have made them even more fearless and potent. Almost every day, it accounts for several numbers of murders and other criminal activities. Their motto is to increase the pressure on the government with the aid of media and social campaigns which will result in the complete demolition of this network.

Dangerous bald gangster man with beard holding gun. Wearing black leather jacket. Dark cloudy sky.

The Russian Mafia through its website on the deep web is acting as a bridge between the customers and contract killers making everything completely hidden and away from the eyes of the police and authorities. Even in the USA, the group is responsible for a large number of contract killings and beatings that have happened over the course of past few years. It has made it so very easy and secretive for anyone to Hire a Contract Killer, there is no more tension regarding the meetings with the killers or other such facets.

Both the customers and killers are almost unaware of each other meaning that they cannot blackmail each other in the future. In addition to this, they plan it in a very shrewd manner and ask the customers to be outstation during the day of the killing which will keep them out from the list of suspects. The payment system is also very safe and hidden that makes it easy for the customers to pay the hitman without getting caught. Here are the details about how one can hire the hitman from the Russian Mafia :

You register on the Crime Bay marketplace without providing any real details
You place an order with the name and details of the person whom you want to get killed
You get funds ready as bitcoin and keep it in your account in full control
The killer does the job as per your specification
You send the funds to the hitman, after you received proof that the person is dead
The hitman doesn’t know who you are, you never meet him, and the payment can’t be traced
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