Kidnapping or Poisoning

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hire a killer | rent a killer

An example of a video report of a demonstrative execution. The killer is working, the partner is secretly filming a video from the crowd.

In every country in the world, local criminal gangs work for us. Therefore, we accept and fulfill orders all over the world in any country and city without exception. Refresh the page if the videos didn’t load on your mobile device. Video reports published with the permission of customers:

We specialize not only in typical contract killings, which are performed according to the “hit and run / shot and run” principle. Of course this is the most simple service.

Specialists capable of stabbing or shooting a person and run away from us a lot. But there are other professionals, both single and organized groups that specialize in kidnapping followed by murder. The abduction of a person requires the participation of several specialists, vehicles and significant costs for associated costs. Similar groups of people also exist in every major city in most countries of the world.

A kidnapping order is perfect for you if you want him to go missing. As it is known, if there is no human corpse, there is no unequivocal reason for considering the criminal nature of the loss of this person.

This is pure work. You do not need to worry about how to get rid of the body. Our people know their business and destroy the body without a trace. To do this, use methods such as:

1) Dissolving in acid.

2) Burning the body in automobile rubber tires (burns with bones)

3) Rarely, but even fed to pigs. This is also possible in some regions.

4) Dismemberment and subsequent grinding of pieces of the body in a meat grinder, after which the “stuffing” goes down the drain.

After the body disappears without a trace, this person will no longer pose a hypothetical threat to you in the form of an investigation.

This is an expensive service, its price is roughly indicated in our price list and may vary depending on the details of the case and the region of the work.


thire a killer | rent a killer
Our killers’ arsenal includes both ordinary primitive poisons that can be detected by an expert criminologist (mercury, cyanide, strychnine), and unique poisons that cannot be identified. These poisons are made in laboratories controlled by the syndicate of the Russian criminal community.

They can not be obtained just like that, the necessary portion is issued for a specific case. These poisons are selected according to the person’s age, and the peculiarities of his health and susceptibility to diseases are calculated.

These poisons are not just impossible to identify, even their result will look like a natural disease. Most often, the effects of poisons are focused on a specific internal organ, such as the heart or kidneys, or even the central nervous system.


hire a killer | rent a killer
Not every person can have an accident, but even this is possible. To knock a person by car, to organize a case of falling from a ladder and a skull fracture on a concrete angle, all this is often possible.

This is the most expensive type of service, it takes time to plan and prepare. It is fair to say that this is not always possible and in some cases we will dissuade you from the idea of ​​an “accident” as it should be done either ideally or not at all.

More information about prices and payment method can be found in the relevant sections of our site.

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The writing of this article was the result of the absence of sensible manuals (if they can still be called that) on this topic and the topic of the gentleman in which this issue was raised.
As we all know perfectly well, the issue of disposal of human (and not only human) bodies has always been of interest to humanity.
What they did not do with the bodies: they were burned, drowned in reservoirs, dismembered …
Let’s consider these methods in more detail.
Incineration: Should be carried out exclusively in crematoria. Roughly speaking, the temperature of a fire can damage (namely, carbonize) only the outer tissues of the body (subcutaneous fat), but in no way can significantly damage the internal organs and skeleton.
Drowning: the method is as leaky as your drushlak on which you filter pasta. In the process of decomposition of the corpse, putrefactive gases begin to be released in the abdominal cavity (the bacteria that live in our intestines also want to eat), as a result of which the corpse floats to the surface. You can, of course, open up all the cavities of the body with a knife, tie a stone to the leg and throw the body into the water … By the way, the method has the right to life in cases of such revision.
Dismemberment: This is much easier. In the process of dismemberment, we break off all the joints of the body and scatter them all over the city (you can do it like in that verse: legs in Medvedkovo – ass in devil’s). The method is undesirable for use, since in the process of finding a corpse in the trunk, you will automatically go to jail (a legal assessment of this statement will be given by respected lawyers
Suggested techniques:
1. Dissolving the corpse in caustic soda (using alkalis) or nitric acid. For implementation you will need: a chemical protection suit with a gas mask, a tank / barrel, a body and a large amount of reagent.
The dissolution time will be approximately: 30-180 days.
2. Application of the method of embalming according to y. Embalming techniques have been known to mankind since the times of Ancient Egypt and are still used today.
At the moment, the following methods of embalming corpses are used (often used): 1. Cryobalming, in Russian speaking: freezing. Cryoprotectants are introduced through the catheters installed in the main vessels, then the body is placed in a cryostat filled with liquid nitrogen.
2. Cavity method. A puncture (puncture) of the abdominal and pleural cavities is performed, an antiseptic solution (alcohol, formalin, glycerin) is poured into the latter. We will partially use this method.
3. Vascular embalming. Catheters / introducer sheaths are inserted into large blood vessels through which the embalming solution is injected.
What are we going to do?
I propose to combine the two techniques.
We go to the pharmacy and get an arterial catheter there. We will perform catheterization of the left radial artery (it is quite easy to puncture it).
The tactics of catheterization (puncture) of the artery is perfectly shown in the video (TyTruba):
It is necessary to put two catheters, one on the subclavian, the second on the opposite femoral artery (so that the blood is forced into a previously prepared container).
Then, with the help of improvised means, we construct a dropper, as an infusion solution, we use any incendiary mixture (Molotov cocktail). Then, using gauze / bandage, we make a wick (roll the gauze into the tube) and insert its end into the catheter port.
Next, we use the abdominal method: with a knife we ​​make small incisions (0.5-1 cm) of the abdominal and pleural cavity, insert a hollow tube into the incision through which we pour fuel into the above cavities. Using the same technique, we make a wick and insert it into the lumen of the tube.
Then we just light the wicks and run away. The body will be disfigured and will not be subject to identification. The remains can then simply be buried in the ground.
Attention! The author is not responsible for the application of these instructions in practice and responsibility for the implementation of these actions lies solely with the person who performed them. The article was written exclusively for the Forum or and it is allowed on neighboring resources with the permission of the copyright holder of this content, i.e.

Since I was interested in buying / making my own crematorium for quite a long time (they are sold freely, and it’s even a business to travel to farms and burn people for babosiks: acute: dead animals.
But owning a personal crematorium is expensive and unnecessary if the number of people you kill is less than 10 per year.
A small furnace with a forced pressurization will quite cope with this task. Theoretically, hypothetically, the furnace is built in a remote place from bricks, and forced pressurization is stored with a generator in the garage, just like that, just in case. Barbecue coal is suitable, it develops a very good temperature, from which even steel melts. This is a very, very smelly procedure. Naturally, this is possible only if a person initially understands that he connects his life with crime, and anything happens in such a life. Well, such a place is being prepared in advance. And God forbid it will never come in handy.

Option two, more preferable and stealth. Garages in the near Moscow region cost even 30-50k. Sometimes there are garages without a concrete floor. Which is poured with concrete, with preliminary laying of the biomaterial under the screed.

Another method is to put the body in a barrel and pour concrete. Bury / drown the barrel if desired.

But I would raise another topic, which is more complicated in my opinion. If the occasion happened in a high-rise building, how to take out the body, except for spare parts in packages.
After all, disassembling a body for parts is a very dirty and unpleasant business. Yes, and quietly cutting vryatli will turn out, it will slightly reduce the emotional background.

You just need to make the stove buried. First, a large pit, a stove is laid out in it, and in addition to the fuel supply and the front entrance, which must be hermetically closed, there are two more pipes, for blowing in and out, and blowing is done about 10 meters of brick, also in the ground, and enters a small reservoir from above like a hookah. A receiver for 2000 liters is put, a generator can also be deepened so that it does not growl, there was only air supply.

As a result, under air pressure the client burns out very quickly and smartly, the “exhaust” is blown out, cooling in the pipe, most of it settles in the water, you can also add coal filters to the pipe.

It is optimal to do this in a barn, on personal land (or very much in an abandoned place) and far from people. You can even combine “entertaining conversation” and “anatomics” with the room.

PS> I almost forgot. Fragments of bones and teeth will remain, therefore it is necessary to build conveniently for cleaning. This is all swept out, into a mixer until flour and pour into the river
By design, everything is correct.
But about cleaning through water – far-fetched. No blower can cope with pushing the air stream through the water. (only my opinion, nifiga I do not approve for 100500%)
Filters yes, a good thing. For example, in a home garden, hemp works very well. But in the crematorium, where the temperature is over 1000 degrees, there are doubts. On the other hand, stationary crematoria that are located on the territory of hospitals / morgues somehow cope with this.
But there is less temperature at the exit, they are cremated with gas burners, and the cremation time is 8-12 hours.
In general, what I wanted to say is that I can’t say anything for air purification, so I assumed that such a barbecue maker should be located far from residential buildings.
In a 200-liter barrel oven, if you throw it well with wood, the combustion is very intense and all organic matter burns out. There is even no smoke if you don’t bother with the wood. You can burn near the city. Planks are best used to incinerate a corpse. They burn hot (up to 1200 degrees.) And for a long time. And most importantly, unlike coal, they give a good flame
Cut the bottom of the barrel and put it on 6 bricks standing in a triangle and 2 on top of each other
Wires are needed more for excuses and maybe to cover the corpse with burning. Although you can just throw firewood
As it burns, the bones and limbs of the corpse will themselves break and fall into the furnace. In a similar oven with a LESS diameter, I burned whole beef heads without a trace.

Burning a corpse, especially in a household oven, is extremely difficult. The complete burnout of a corpse requires a huge amount of firewood + the corpse must be dismembered so that it fits into the furnace. Burning a corpse somewhere in a field or somewhere is very difficult and haemorrhoid. In the furnace of the furnace, an adult must burn continuously for at least a day. (Data from books)
Drown Corpse – Wrapped with chains or barbed wire and weights.
The surest way is to dismember or bury it intact away from the projected building sites, problem areas where digging and digging can begin – deeper in the forest, covered in a hole with a couple of dead dogs.
And generally speaking. Whether the corpse will be found and you depends on one more important thing: whether you get caught by the cops, whether they will find you. The first thing they will talk about after the disappearance of a person: Who had a motive. First, look for him. If Vasya owes you 100 thousand and then Vasya disappears, and Vasya’s mother knows about his debt – you are the first who will go to the cops for interrogation, and only a few people who are grated kolachiks will be able not to screw up during interrogation. If you get interrogated by a more or less prepared cop, you will tell him everything yourself, and getting rid of the corpse is an aggravating moment, and seriously adding to the deadline.
If you need to get rid of a person, then this should be done quickly, without witnesses and not motivated and not followed. 1 hair, 1 drop of the victim’s blood on your clothes or at home – and you went to the bottle. Read books on forensic science – it is extremely, extremely difficult to hide a murder at a crime scene and not inherit it.
List of damn things:
Flush the remains of a person into the sewer (When biological remains, teeth, blood, hair are in the sewer – to track the killer is a matter of a couple of days.)
Try to burn a corpse in a household stove or fireplace (A lot of firewood + dismemberment of a corpse, and these are traces that you cannot avoid leaving behind you, only if you are not an ideal killer)
Throw out the corpse in parts or in whole in the trash (the dogs will take it apart, or find the homeless people in the dump, which are presented there in gigantic quantities)
All these ideas with mummifications, cunning burnings or dissolutions in pesticides are also from the evil one. It is rather difficult to dissolve 100 kg of meat.
If you are not connected with the victim in any way, on whom suspicions cannot fall, if you have left no traces anywhere and will not be interrogated, you can bury him in the forest and no one will ever find him.
Sorry for the confusion, but when I saw this opus that is posted here, I was puzzled. It is not necessary to get rid of the corpse, but to think that nothing would connect you with it and that gentlemen in gray tunics would not think to interrogate you. Otherwise, whether you hid the corpse or not, you’re an ass. If you really want to know how to cover your tracks on a crime scene, welcome to the Internet and google books on traceology, forensics, and interrogation tactics. So that you clearly understand what is where and how.
I burned in an oven with a diameter of 28 cm about 25 kg of bones in 3 hours to ash. In furnaces made of 200 liter drums, the cross section is even higher and the combustion is more intense. In them, it is not a problem, say, to heat 30-40 kg of metal to 900 degrees. Decompose (pyrolysis) about 50 kg of plastic in 5-7 hours. Where there is even a human carcass. Shaft ovens are very efficient. It’s just that no one ever burns the corpses in them. Forensics just don’t do it