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Counterfeiters began to waste time on trifles

The Office of the Criminal Police of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (Landeskriminalamt Schleswig-Holstein) issued a special warning: counterfeit money began to appear too often in circulation in northern Germany. This time we are talking about counterfeit banknotes of low denomination – “tens” and “twenty”, whereas earlier it was believed that the favorite banknote of counterfeiters is 50 euros.

The influx of counterfeit bills has been observed in the north of the country in recent weeks, but now they are found throughout Germany, forensic experts warn. It is relatively easy to distinguish a counterfeit from real money: the banknotes lack a number of security elements, and on the reverse side there is an inscription “prob copy”. Apparently, a series of counterfeit bills were ordered online from Asian merchants offering similar products. So far, the counterfeit 10 euro denomination has always had the serial number PA7 497 803 159, the “twenty” – UC1 366 259 581. Presumably, young residents of the country became the counterfeiters: first of all, counterfeit bills were noticed and seized in school canteens in the northern districts of Hamburg and on south of Schleswig-Holstein, from where they began their journey throughout the country. Also, fake “tens” and “twenty” were found on footpaths, playgrounds, in other public places, where they were probably left on purpose.

Taking into account the appearance of the next series of counterfeit money, the Federal Bank of Germany (Bundesbank) also recommends that you pay attention to the banknotes that fall into your hands. How to distinguish a counterfeit banknote from a real one? The original banknote must have a sequence of letters printed on the front side: for old banknotes it is BDE ECB EZB EKT EKP, for the current series “Europe” – BCE ECB ECB EZB EKP EKB EKB BĊE EBC. In the part of the banknote where the font and pictures are absent, watermarks should be clearly visible. If the banknote is turned over, the hologram on it changes, as well as the image on the shiny stripes on the smaller denominations and the denomination on the right – on the larger ones. The Europa series banknotes have a holographic strip with a window with a transparent background, in which the image of the goddess Europa appears when the banknote is tilted.