How to kill yourself – Hire a Hitman to commit suicide

How to kill yourself – Hire a Hitman to commit suicide!

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How to kill yourself

The worldstats website says that suicides confirmed in medical institutions this year are 319,066 Suicides if you click + (plus sign), then it is indicated that information is taken from the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Health Organization.
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and here is also a list of countries by suicide count.

It also says that there are already 12,648,400 abortions this year. 12 million people were not born, and 319 thousand, having been born, decided not to live. At the same time, the year has not yet reached the middle.

roughly every 40 seconds in the world, someone commits suicide. most often people resort to suicide in puberty, that is, adolescents. but only successful attempts are taken into account as indicators of society and sociologists build all indices mainly on economic well-being. Unsuccessful attempts may be unknown to anyone at all, as well as cases of rape that women do not report somewhere, say, in the villages where a drunk husband returned from the field. Something suggests that unsuccessful suicide attempts are significantly 10 times, or even 100 times higher than successful ones, and most often due to the debility and lack of education of those who try to do them. This is the case when ignorance saves lives. The very fact that some citizen has already tried, he speaks of serious problems in the society of a particular country, and it would also be desirable to take them into account in the indices.

Of all the suicide attempts, suicides recognized as truly reliable only a jump under a rushing train, because there really would be no chance of surviving. Throwing under a car, throwing out of a window, all this is fraught with very bad consequences, when a person still survives, even if he jumped from the 9th floor or a truck crushed him, but spared him. And since then his life has become even worse, he is taken under control, put on record, he can live out life in a wheelchair, taking food under the tube, or remain in a coma. And even if he recovers, then, probably, then his life is even worse than after a conviction and imprisonment, there is a stamp that a person is mentally unhealthy, for some time he is kept in a madhouse under chemotherapy, and even if later his mental state stabilizes , he is released as a stable patient, friends can turn away from him, the problem of finding a job, passing on a license, carrying weapons, the opportunity to run somewhere, and all that.

opening the veins and running on a brick wall, too, does not give guarantees to lean back. Because people don’t know how to do it. Some, imagining themselves to be Harry Potter, really overdid it, but their goal was not suicide, but getting into a fairyland of magic, the goal is not prohibited by law.

Hanging it also does not bring proper guarantees for the one: “who has already decided everything for himself.”

Some people resort to overdose if they are drug addicts or are already under depression, like people with bipolar, for example. Usually, people do not have access to poisons and strong sedatives, but those who are registered can have access to such things as free medical support. Psychiatrists prescribe a drug such as an antidepressant, tranquilizer, for a month to the patient under supervision. but if the patient is completely lousy, then some try to drink the entire monthly course at a time, and it is not a fact that this will lead to a lethal outcome, depending on the drug and the calculation of dosages per person’s weight. Pharmacists also reduce the lethality of drugs in case of an overdose even at the stage of its manufacture and testing. Psychotropics are usually non-toxic and not fatal, even antidepressants and strong sedatives, sleeping pills. And yet, “smart people” who violate the doctor’s control over the appointment are found. If the patient killed himself, and his district doctor did not control, then, as I understand it (to the address where he was attached), he is responsible up to the revocation of his license and even criminal charges. Sometimes these “dissidents of polyclinics” end up almost every month on the doctor’s table, where they are pumped out. Sometimes these are girls whose hearts were broken by some kind of “affectionate bastard”, a pick-up artist with a beautiful body, but a bastard at heart. If they really can harm themselves, they are put in a hospital, where everything is strictly controlled, even there are no sharp objects in the dining room. And yet, some succeed through overdose. There are also teenagers who want to “get away nicely” like Elvis or Kurt Cobain. Elvis was not depressed, on the contrary, he was tipsy, but he did not calculate the cocaine a little, and when they opened his hotel room, they saw that the king was lying in the bathroom, and the crown fell from his head. The aliens promised to return it, but have not yet returned it. A person in overdose feels so shitty …. that in general it is better not to really know, and the trash, shitty overdoses can affect the whole life, not always, by no means always having a high mortality rate. How to kill yourself without pain. 

Drugs from the category of those that immerse a person with anesthesia can be truly lethal at a high dose, but such drugs are not available even for highly qualified doctors, only for surgeons. well, also me