sinaloa mexican hitman SCAM by REVIEWS!

sinaloa mexican hitman SCAM by REVIEWS! — SCAM Bullshit website. Fake Read this.
Scamer created an imitation of the supposedly impartial website of a browser of killer online services. In fact, this is a website for advertising a couple of his own scam fake killer sites. Along with advertising his own fake scam sites, he writes about all existing competitors, calling them all scammers. This is a classic Internet scam technique — to create an allegedly honest website where you can advertise yourself and call your competitors scammers. It is worth noting that the sites advertised by him are absolutely no different from competitors.
It also requires an advance payment in bitcoin. In order to increase the chances of SCAM, he invented an allegedly independent payment through an intermediary guarantor (escrow). Absolutely idiotic SCAM method, very typical for scammers. After all, you also send 100% prepayment, not to the murderer, but to an allegedly independent service, which of course is located on the same site.
Even if you are offered some other escrow website, then undoubtedly it will also be a scam site. This scammer is absolutely no different among others and does not deserve a drop of confidence. Similar sites can be created by any student scammers with minimal site building skills. And it doesn’t matter where he advertises and places sites. Placing sites on the Internet onion network in no way is an indicator of the reliability of the service. However, scammers like to position Onion placement as a guarantee of quality.
In fact, hosting onion does not mean anything, it is only an attempt to mislead people by manipulating their stereotype and prejudices.
In addition to this, scammers love to write anonymous reviews from supposedly grateful clients to themselves. This is also a classic reception scammers.
Think logically. Anonymous review on the Internet is not worth a penny, because it can be written by the scammer himself. And no one will ever write a non-anonymous review.