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Buy fake dollars according to the National Bank, 75% of all fakes in foreign currency are dollars, while 96% of fakes are 100-dollar bills.

It is noteworthy that dollars are counterfeited all over the world, and for many criminals it is a lucrative business. Moreover, you can order a fake on the Internet: all the necessary contacts are in the Darknet (the segment of the Internet where most of the illegal operations are carried out), and you can agree on a purchase in Telegram.

«Currency» is paid for in bitcoins, it is delivered simply by mail. Most often, you need to pay about 30% of the face value. That is, they ask for $ 30 for a 100-dollar bill, ”the article says.

It is worth noting the quality of the counterfeiters’ work. One of the employees of the accounting department of a large Ukrainian company told about a counterfeit 100-dollar bill that came across to her during the currency exchange. Even with the skills to determine the authenticity of the currency, she could not independently recognize the fake. Moreover, a special machine for counting money, which should signal about fake money, missed a fake bill.

Despite the fact that counterfeit money can be found even in the cash desks of banks, legal financial institutions remain the most reliable seller of currency. Banks have more opportunities to detect fake money.

At the same time, the NBU said that the general situation with counterfeit money is far from critical, and according to bankers’ estimates, this is rather an exception to the rule.