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all official trade could get up because of the coronavirus. Instead, a «black market» will begin to develop, says Pavel Shapkin, chairman of the National Union of Consumer Rights.

According to him, the government took a number of ill-considered actions — the issuance of cash from ATMs was limited. If the authorities cannot control the situation, anarchy will begin in the country, Pavel Shapkin noted.

He added that Israel never had a kings, but there were «authorities» to whom the population listened. Such «authorities» may appear in the United States as well — this is a form of self-organization of the population, reports Svobodnaya Pressa.

As a result, a «black market» will appear in the country, which will function according to its own laws.

Earlier, Invest Foresight wrote that Dr. Death (as the American economist Nouriel Roubini was nicknamed) revealed the consequences of the coronavirus. He believes that after him the world economy will not start growing rapidly again.

Today, only every fourth person in need of transplantation receives it. But now this may change: the country has finally simplified the receipt of organs from donors, and also protected doctors.

The MPs passed by 320 votes the Law No. 2457, which introduced new rules for organ transplants. And in Kovel the other day, the first heart surgery in 15 years was performed — just according to these rules.

Who and how will now be able to achieve transplantation, and will there be a massive sale of organs on the black market? The answers to these questions are in

E-stick in the wheels of transplant
Ukraine adopted a law on transplantation 20 years ago. But a few years ago, they decided to detail it: the exchange of organs between living donors who are not relatives was allowed. And for organ transplantation from the deceased, they decided to launch a unified information system. This system should have included the data of all donors, and information about where a donor-recipient pair can be selected.

For two years the Ministry of Health has been working on this system, money was allocated for it, but, as they say, things are still there. Measuring progress is easy enough. On 9 registries from this base they spent 26 million hryvnias, while in Belarus such a system cost 150 thousand dollars. And the law itself was being implemented extremely slowly: only at the end of 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for the donor’s consent to organ harvesting. The profession of transplant coordinator officially appeared in Ukraine only on February 18, 2019.

The hitch with the introduction of the system led to disastrous consequences. Since the Cabinet of Ministers did not ensure its action, in fact, any transplant from the deceased from January 1, 2019 remained outside the legal framework. The new law made it clear that the transplant system should work synchronously with an electronic database of patients and donors. Only a relative could become a donor. Because of this, the lives of thousands of people were threatened.

Some transplants from January 1, due to the lack of a registry, were generally recognized as illegal. In February, the Ministry of Health came to their senses and made changes so that everything that should be in electronic form could be present in paper. The Ukrainians breathed a sigh of relief. But the donor search process remained the most difficult.

If the new law had not been passed, the entire transplant system would have remained in jeopardy until at least April — if the registry even succeeds in doing so by then. Moreover, from April it will be launched only in test mode, and globally — only in a year.

And although the new bill brings transplant 2020 legal, there is a slight nuance. The Main Expert Directorate of BP also indicates that all provisions on the confidentiality of information in the registries have been deleted. This makes us think about the level of preparation of our system.

New law and economy for the Ministry of Health
Many of the legal provisions make the transplant easier. But it looks like this is an attempt by the Ministry of Health to save money.

The main problem now is that hospitals do not have the equipment to diagnose brain death. It is impossible to establish the fact that a person can no longer be saved, which means that organs cannot be removed from him.

«More than 70% of hospitals told us that there is no basic equipment in intensive care units to be able to ascertain death. The Ministry of Health has allocated 112 million hryvnia each for a pilot transplant project, which has successfully failed. Last year, equipment was purchased only for transplant centers, for those hospitals where organs are sewn, but no one thought about resuscitation, «says Yuri Andreev, chairman of the NGO» National Movement «For Transplantation», to NEWSONE.
They won’t add money for equipment. Instead, it becomes possible to attract a council of doctors for the diagnosis of brain death. If necessary, the equipment can be brought to the hospital from another location.

When carrying out the first heart transplant operation in 15 years, they just used the rule of the council. After the implementation of the law, doctors established brain death. One kidney was transplanted on the spot, the other was sent to the capital’s Institute of Shalimov, where under the utmost