How to get rid of a person so that he disappears forever

How to get rid of a person so that he disappears forever and no one has ever found him?

Ordering a contract murder for money in the Russian criminal community is anonymous, confidential and safe.
Our contacts for communication are indicated on the photo and video materials that we publish so that you understand that we really are a criminal community:


Our organization of hit men works around the world as it relates directly to the Russian mafia and accompanies the criminal interests of the Russian mafia around the world. We are ready to accept kill orders from third-party customers over the Internet and execute them. The activities of our criminal community are closely related to the murders of rivals in our mafia, which is why our liquidation groups are located in every major city in the world. These people always have enough time to execute third-party orders from ordinary customers from the Internet and you can use this service.
Prices are standardized and are per person. It is worth considering that these prices are relevant if we are talking about an ordinary person who does not have bodyguards, who is not a deputy, politician, big businessman or other publicly known person. Prices for publicly known people will be higher than for ordinary people.

To contact us, you can register yourself free anonymous crypto-mail in the services:


List of our standard services:

1) Simple kill with a knife or gun on the principle of “killed and fled” = $ 20,000

2) Murder with simulated victim robbery = $ 30,000

3) Poisoning by primitive poison (primitive poisons are detected by medical examination) = $ 30,000

4) Poisoning by unique varieties of toxins, such poisoning is not suspicious and looks like death for natural reasons. = $ 100,000

5) The abduction of a person with the subsequent killing and disposal of a corpse without a trace. We will lose your sacrifice so that no one will ever find it = $ 200,000

6) Organization of accidents, the most expensive service. The price is set individually.

7) The above methods in relation to publicly known people are much more expensive.

Before contacting our service, you must understand and accept our working conditions.
We work on 100% prepayment in Bitcoin. This is a popular and fairly anonymous cryptocurrency ideal for criminal transactions.
Other payment methods are not acceptable to us.
We do not work through intermediaries and do not accept payment of 50/50.
We do not meet with our customers and do not work with hand-to-hand payment. All communication, discussion and payment takes place virtually.
If you understand our conditions and you accept them, then write to us by email.
Please write immediately on the case, tell us the country and the city in which the order will be executed, specify the method of murder you have chosen, as well as details about who your victim is.
Keep in mind that after paying for the order, you will need to provide us with all the necessary information about the whereabouts of the victim, photographs of the victim.
After payment, you will be allocated a separate contact e-mail for communication with the direct executors of your order.
On average, the execution of a standard order takes from three days to two weeks.